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Light and heat are virtues that guide our company's idea. Therefore we offer you is as beneficial relationship between quality and price. Because we know that the investment in real estate long-term and complex case, do we run me through it with its technically advanced program in the field of furniture and quality and professionally trained staff.

Edinstvena rešitev namenjena razvijanju roletnih kaset za zunaj in noter – popolnoma nevidna kaseta
Kontrolno pokrivalo, katero se lahko odpre od spodaj dovoljuje neoviran dostop do valjčnega mehanizma rolet
V standardni izvedbi, termalna izolacija iz penastega polistirena s koeficientom U=1,1
Izjemno lahka montaža in trdna struktura zahvaljujoč se uporabi edinstvenega zunanjega in notranjega sidranja, na katerega ne boste naleteli pri nobenemu drugemu roletnemu sistemu, kateri povezuje okvir okna z masivno, aluminijasto, notranjo, poglobljeno ploščo sunk board
Združljiv z večino PVC, aluminijastih in lesenih okenskih sistemov
Razpoložljive velikosti okvirja: 125,138,150,165,180,207 mm
Široka ponudba dekorativnih barvnih prevlek in prevlek v izgledu lesa
Možnost namestitve dodatne, izvlečne mreže proti insektom.


Roller Blinds


Unique solution dedicated for developing the roller case from outside and inside - the case completely invisible the inspection cover, which may be opened from the bottom, allows the unencumbered access to the roller shutters mechanism in standard version, thermal insulation from foamed polystyrene with coefficient U = 1,1.


Exceptionally easy assembly and stable structure owing to the application of the unique exterior anchor and interior anchor, not encountered in any other roller shutters systems, linking window frame with the massive, aluminium, interior, sunk board compatibility with the majority of window systems from PVC, aluminium and timber available case sizes: 125,138,150,165,180,207 mm broad offer of coloured decorative films and timber-like films capability of applying the integrated, rolled anti-insect mesh.



sencila_pod_sis_1The newest version of adaptive roller shutters.
Unique, semi-circular shape of the case and the trims on the guiding lines have become extremely popular among the architects who apply them to act as the architectonical elements of the modern structure.
Enclosure offered in two versions: from rolled aluminium sheet or from extruded aluminium.
Alternative solution for the conventional and popular systems.
Available case sizes: 125,138,150,165,180,207 mm.
Broad selection of colours from RAL specification
Capability of applying the integrated, rolled anti-insect mesh

zaluzijeInternal blinds are one of the simplest forms of shading accommodation. They are distinguished by the lifting mechanism quality, ease of handling and ease of assembly. It is possible to incorporation of the linked window panes or glass mounting before - during the final strips on the inside cover. In addition, the possible installation of internal blinds on the ceiling or as prostoviseče internal blinds on the wall above the window opening as an alternative to the traditional curtain.

Overwhelm us and prevent unwanted space in the interior of views to give us a sense of privacy. Made of quality material - aluminum strip.
Available in a wide color palette, which contributes to the external appearance of the nicer places.

Enjoy up to 20% online discount for internal blinds and save money.
komarnikiInsect screens allow intensive ventilation of rooms, while undesirable insects from entering. So you might as well during the months when the most pesky insects are released to enjoy the open window.
Insect Screens Types:

* Insect screens installed in the locker roletno
* Separate roll meat safe
* Fixed separate meat safe